Helicopter Jobs I will be able to apply once I finish my CPL (H) Course:

The most common helicopter jobs for starting are, copilot in firefighting and HEMS helicopters, or as Pilot in Command in aerial working like aerial photography, aerial filming or as flight instructor.

Housing, driving license, car renting, etc:

HAA through its student´s manager will help you on every administrative procedures, like finding an apartment, the driver license process, rent or buy a car, and help you in everything for make your living more comfortable.

Will I obtain any assistance when looking for a Helicopter Pilot position?

The spanish HAA representative, will do everything as possible for you to get in to the Helicopter market, as he did in every case.

Can I obtain a Helicopter Pilot Job with the R44 and R22 ratings?

Most of the Helicopter Companies, will provide you with the instruction necessary for obtaining the rating of the Helicopter you will work with.

Do you want to start at our Flight Academy in the USA, with some knowledge of aeronautical English, which will facilitate your learning?

We organize classes by videoconference, with teachers with the highest level of aeronautical English (ICAO level 6), who obtained their flight licenses in the USA.

Are you worried about arriving in the US and not understanding the aeronautical language in English?

Do not worry.

HAA will give you free intensive courses to familiarize you with the aeronautical language in English.


If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us through: E-mail: info@academiapilotoeeuu.comPhone/Whatsapp: +34 667 648 234 or if you prefer by filling the following form:



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